Preben Stablewski
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See Gallery with Irena Stablewski´s paper cutting here

Irena S Irena Stablewski started with paper cutting and design in 1957. Mainly motives who could be used for fabric-print and porcelain-paintning, later on it became silhouet-cutting as the primary workfield. That the motives were seldom and unique performed is there hardly any questions about, and the motives have been imitated with an doubtful result.

Irena also had her own firm working with design in a couple of years, and therefore it has become to a considerable amount work "out of the house" - but fortunately there still quite a lot among her things which I have the joy of presenting here.

Irena Stablewski have after the closing of her firm in 1992 thrown herself over other activities and is enjoying her otium. She lived for 85 years and was active and creative all her life.